Epidemic Sound Premiere Pro Plugin

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Have you ever wished that all of the best soundtracks were just there inside of your video editor? Well the wait is over because Epidemic Sound finally released their Premiere Pro plugin. And in this post I’m going to show you how it’s going to change your life or at the very least drastically improve your video editing workflow. If you’re new here my name is Meredith Marsh, and I’m here to help you look good, sound good, and feel good on camera so that you can build your thriving online business with YouTube.

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How It Works: A Seamless Integration

So let’s talk about how it works. Now, of course you’ll have to have access to Premiere Pro. So log into your Adobe account and go to the Adobe Marketplace. Search for the Epidemic Sound plugin and hit Install. Now open up Premiere Pro and go up to the very top menu where it says “window.” Open up that window menu, and you’ll see an Extensions option. Choose that and then you’ll find the Epidemic Sound plugin right there for you. So you’re going to see the plugin window for Epidemic Sound pop up in its own little window. I like to put all my plugins over on the right hand side with my effects and my media bin and all those things.

Logging In and Accessing Your Library

When you use the plugin for the first time, you’re going to have to log into your Epidemic Sound account. You just hit that login button and it’ll take you there. That way you have all of the music that you’ve already saved or favorited, or anything you have in your playlist. Plus it’ll give you all of your recommendations for new soundtracks. If you have your own custom layout for your Premiere Pro workflow or your work space like I do, just make sure you go ahead and save this workspace. That way every time you open up Premiere Pro your Epidemic Sound plugin will be right there for you.

Exploring the Vast Music Library

I have been known to just reuse the same tracks and not go down the music rabbit hole, but now I can come over to the Epidemic Sound plugin. I can let Epidemic suggest some options to me. It will show me some options that are trending. And I could just hit play and it’s going to play my video and the music at the same time. So I can search for tracks also. I can use these tags down here to just let Epidemic give me what it finds. Or my favorite part is, I can go over to Saved and I have everything that I’ve already found that I really like.

So all I have to do is find in my timeline where I want to just add in some music. I can just put my cursor wherever I want. I’m going to hit Play and it’s going to just play the music along with the video. So I can see visually what it’s going to look like and hear what it would sound like. You also have a volume setting inside of the plugin. And you can do all this without having to download the track. Drag it onto the timeline and then start playing with it. Where has this been all my life?

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Efficient Editing with Loop Back and Sound Match

So I could just go through all of these options and let my video play while I preview it. And you can also utilize Epidemic’s sound match function. This will analyze the part of your video that you have your cursor on, and choose some of what it thinks is the best tracks for you. And if you do have just one particular section of your video, I do have a really handy trick that’s going to make your life easier. So you don’t have to keep hitting play, moving your cursor, finding another song, and then repeating that process.

Now let’s say I’m just trying to find some music for my intro, and I don’t want to watch it play through the whole rest of my edit. I’m just going to find a good place where I want my intro music to stop. I’m going to hit the O on my keyboard so I have in points and out points. And I just have a little section, and I can hit the loop back button. So now when I go up to one of the tracks and hit play, it’s going to just loop back for me. So if I just want to explore all the songs just for the intro, I can go down through the songs and see what’s going to work. I can let it sort of play on a loop. I always bring the volume way down and then do some sort of a fade out.


So if you’re already an Epidemic Sound customer, go throw this plugin into your Premiere Pro. I think it’s really going to revolutionize your editing process especially when it comes to adding music to your videos. If you’re not already an Epidemic Sound user, they are having a massive Cyber Week deal. I’ve teamed up with them to bring you an exclusive discount on their music service using this link. You’ll get access to 2 months free of their entire music and sound effects library. The discount is available on the Personal Plan and it’s only available for 5 days. So if you’ve been thinking about giving Epidemic Sound a try, now that they have this Premiere Pro plugin available it’s a really good time to do it.

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