Epidemic Sound SENT ME to Sweden?!

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Wow… my first trip to Europe ever was an amazing experience! Epidemic Sound invited me to their FutureThink: Human + AI Content Creation Summit event where I got to meet with their team, tour their offices, get a boat tour around Stockholm, and connect with their music artists. This is a recap of my amazing trip. Thank you, Epidemic Sound!

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Epidemic Sound’s FutureThink Event

Epidemic Sound is a longtime partner of mine, and they recently invited me to their FutureThink collaboration event at their office in Stockholm, Sweden. If you are wondering, “Why would they do that?” I had been having the same question literally every day for a month. Because I didn’t really know what I was signing up for.

So I arrived on a Tuesday morning. We went on a boat tour, met up with some other creators that were invited to the event. They represented all different sorts of genres and niches. Some of Epidemic’s artists that they work with for their music were there also, like Henrik, who is known as Ooyy. So that was a great way to get to know each other. Especially since the next three days were just absolutely jam packed. I can’t really give you the details of what we were brainstorming and what we were collaborating on. It was like a giant mashup brainstorm. The whole thing was very structured, very organized, very interesting.

Experiencing the Culture and Hospitality

Now, I can’t tell you really anything more than that because they asked us not to. But here’s what I will say. I had no idea what to expect in coming to this event. I’d never been to Sweden, never been to Stockholm, never been to Europe. I was really blown away with how interesting it was to be within internal Epidemic Sound. We were in their office, in their space, drinking their coffee, all of it. I didn’t know exactly we were going to be doing, just that it was all for background music. But being in their space and with their teams, I realized it’s so much bigger than background music.

I got a tour of their offices while I was there, and I have to say, I felt very spoiled as an American. Everybody spoke English, which made communicating very comfortable. But yet, at the same time, the culture was still there for me to experience. So I loved that. It still felt like I was in a different country. It was very quiet. There was traffic, bicycles, people, but there wasn’t any horn honking or squeaky brakes like you might find in New York. It was busy, but chill.

Why I Partner with Epidemic Sound

So if you’ve watched my channel for a while, you know that all my background music comes from Epidemic Sound, and has been since about 2016. And what Epidemic Sound does is essentially they have a huge, vast library of music tracks that creators can use as background music or soundtracking, as it’s sometimes called. They are a brand who is a thought leader in the content creation world, so to speak. I feel like if you’re going to pay for licensing of your background music from somebody, let it be from a company that is leading the way. I cannot recommend Epidemic Sound enough.

Also, if you think it might work well for your content, for your audience, for what you’re trying to do on YouTube, also consider joining their Ambassador program. When you join their Ambassador program, you get rewarded and compensated just for sharing Epidemic Sound with other creators as well. You can’t go wrong.

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Thank You, Epidemic Sound!

I just want to give an absolutely huge shout out to the whole Epidemic Sound team. Thank you for bringing me to Stockholm and for being so hospitable. This trip was absolutely amazing and I am so excited about the future of content creation, especially if Epidemic Sound is going to be involved.