How To Get More Subscribers on YouTube Through Your Blog

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How would you like to get more subscribers on YouTube? I have great news for my fellow bloggers… Do you know how to get more YouTube subscribers on YouTube through your blog? Jillian Leslie is my guest today as we discuss an easy way to get your blog readers and website traffic to hit that subscribe button from your site.

Listen to Episode 24: How To Get YouTube Subscribers From Your Blog w/ Jillian Leslie

Jillian and I are podcast-swapping because I’m a guest on her podcast, The Blogger Genius Podcast, and she’s here with me to be a cohost and my show. So if you enjoy this episode with Jillian, you can continue this conversation over on the Blogger Genius podcast.

How To Get More Subscribers on YouTube using your Blog

Jillian and her husband created a blogging tool called MiloTree as a way to attract new Pinterest followers directly from their website, catchmyparty.com. Since MiloTree was created, they have added the ability to attract YouTube Subscribers as well!

Just before my podcast recording call with Jillian, I started my free MiloTree account and I set it up in about 10 minutes. It was very easy to set it up on my WordPress blog because it’s just a small line of code.

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Once you have MiloTree installed on your site, it converts your blog visitors into subscribers through a small popup window. And what is nice about that, is that the visitors to your site already like your content. So they are high-quality subscribers.

Make the Most out of your MiloTree Free Trial

Anytime I utilize the free trial for a new tool, I like to maximize the free trial so that I know for sure when it’s time for the payment that I know one way or the other, whether it’s a wise purchase. Yes, this worked for me or no, it didn’t work for me. Here are Jillian’s recommendations for making the most of your MiloTree free trial.

First, when you are setting up your account, MiloTree currently has what’s called the “frequency cap” set as the default, which is seven days. What that means is if somebody comes to your site on day one, then it will show to that visitor and then it will go to sleep for seven days. So if that visitor comes back at day two, they will not see it, but if they come back and day seven they will. So during your trial period, change your 7 day period to one or two days.

The second thing you might do is look at your analytics. MiloTree offers analytics, and it shows you how many people have clicked on your pop up. So you can see the activity as soon as the next day and know whether people are clicking on your popup, and presumably, subscribing to your YouTube channel.

Another thing that Jillian mentions in the podcast is that the more traffic you have, the more subscribers you will get because MiloTree converts your traffic into subscribers. And remember, these are not just any subscribers, these are the best subscribers.

Now I promised to share my results of using MiloTree on vidpromom.com. By the time this episode aired it had been exactly three weeks ago, so I had three solid weeks of using the MiloTree pop up on my blog at vidpromom.com. I’ve had 42 clicks on that pop-up, and 18 of those were from this week alone. Of course, your results will vary because it really depends on the traffic to your site and really how interested people are in subscribing to you on YouTube.

Try MiloTree for Free

You can get a 30 day free trial for MiloTree and hook your YouTube channel to it to get more subscribers directly from your blog or website. Just use my affiliate link at vidpromom.com/milotree to claim your free trial.

To learn more about Jillian and MiloTree, check out MiloTree.com. If you love party planning, also check out catchmyparty.com for TONS of inspiration and to see MiloTree in action!

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To listen in on the entire conversation with Jillian, please listen to episode 24 of the Video Pursuit Podcast in iTunes, or your favorite podcast player. 

How To Get More YouTube Subscribers From You Blog