How to make Food & Recipe Videos with Rachel Ballard

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Food and recipe videos are popular on all social platforms, and Rachel Ballard from Feast and Farm is my guest today as we explore her video creation workflow.

How to make Food & Recipe Videos

I am so excited to invite Rachel Ballard from Feast and Farm onto the Video Pursuit Podcast! Rachel has been a member of the Video Pursuit Member Community for a while now, and her YouTube channel is growing at a pretty good clip. 

This is impressive to me because her content is cooking! I can only imagine how much work goes into cooking, and creating videos all at once! 

Not only is she is a one-woman show with multiple camera angles, but Rachel is also very knowledgable, super sweet, and coaches new bloggers as they begin to get serious about blogging and building an audience.

On today’s show, Rachel is sharing her very organized workflow for shooting food and recipe videos. I know you will learn and enjoy this episode, especially if you create content that’s a little more complicated than simply a talking head!

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