PowerDirector Review – Video Editor for PC

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Sometimes it feels like there aren’t as many “fun” video editors out there for PC users, right? One of my goals this year is to create some tutorials here on all (or most…) of the video editing software that I know you guys are using. I had a chance to play around with Cyberlink PowerDirector 12 on my PC. I’ve covered some Premiere Elements, Premiere Pro, GoPro Studio, Filmora, but I haven’t done anything with PowerDirector yet so I partnered with Cyberlink and they provided me with Cyberlink PowerDirector 12 to check out and do a PowerDirector¬†review for you guys!

PowerDirector Review

I’ll be honest, I’m a Mac girl. So using a PC for editing video offers a little bit of a challenge, but I like challenges! And, I like PowerDirector too. I couldn’t really find anything that I didn’t like about it, actually. There are a LOT of features, and overall it feels very professional and straight forward.

I edited a video for my kids’ YouTube channel (KidSistersTV), and it did it completely on the PC with PowerDirector. I use a lot of different video editors because I’m always creating tutorials or answer questions, so it can be daunting for me to open up a new program.

PowerDirector works much like you’d expect… drop your media in, you drag them to your timeline, and you view your video up here in the preview area. You have several different tracks available to you, which is great.

One of the biggest hurdles for me is keyboard shortcuts. I love keyboard shortcuts for editing because editing can be a long process sometimes. So anything I can do to speed it up, I’m going to do! So the shortcut for cutting a clip is ctrl+t and then to delete, you have to actually hit delete, the tiny button above the backspace button. So, you don’t hit backspace, you hit delete.

PowerDirector Review

And then it asks you HOW you want to delete, so I quickly learned to start hitting ctrl+delete to that it stopped asking me, and would just automatically do a ripple delete. So I could cut a clip out, remove it, and have the rest of the clips shift automatically.

If you’re on a PC and you’re looking for a video editor, I recommend you check PowerDirector out for yourself. I always recommend that you try software yourself instead of just taking my recommendations. If you want to see the video I created with PowerDirector, head on over to the KidSistersTV YouTube channel and look for the one about Fizzy Soda Candy.

That’s all – if you would like to see more PowerDirector tutorials here on the VidProMom blog and YouTube channel, let me know in the comments below! And if you found the video helpful, give it a thumbs up and hit subscribe so you can hear from me again in the future!