Using a Teleprompter – Ultimate Guide for YouTube, Zoom, and Videos

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You might think using a teleprompter for YouTube videos is overkill, but once you set it up like a second monitor, I think you’ll see this teleprompter setup for YouTube videos (and Zoom calls, presentations, and video podcasting) is a MUST! Let’s unlock the power of teleprompters for YouTube videos to enhance your content creation journey (even if you prefer to “wing it” most of the time)!

VIDEO: Try THIS Teleprompter Setup for YouTube Videos

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Why Use a Teleprompter for YouTube Videos?

Now, if you’re like most creators, you’ve probably been wary about using a teleprompter. Perhaps you dread the thought of needing to script every word, then read it verbatim as it scrolls across your screen, newscast-style. Fear not, friend! Teleprompters can be versatile tools that can save you heaps of time and significantly boost your on-camera presentation, particularly if you like to improvise your videos.

Setting up the Teleprompter: A Game of Patience and Tweaking

My Teleprompter: Neewer 12x

If we’re going to talk about teleprompters, let’s chat about the one I have: the Neewer 12x. This compact teleprompter comes in a convenient carrying case and includes a remote. However, the real magic happens once you set it up.

Setting up the Newer 12x can feel awkward. But with patience and a little bit of tweaking, you’ll soon have it sitting pretty on your tripod, ready to make video magic. Once set, you can slide your iPad or Android tablet into the teleprompter, adjust the angles, and you’re good to go.

Remember, getting the right setup is crucial, so expect some trial and error until you get the perfect balance between your sitting position, camera angle, and teleprompter placement.

Not Just a Teleprompter for YouTube: An Ultimate Heads-Up Display

You might be thinking: all this setup for some scrolling words in front of my lens? Hang on, because this teleprompter isn’t just a teleprompter — it’s the ultimate heads-up display for your camera.

With the help of the Duet app (use code Meredith23 to save 20%!) on your Mac and iPad, you can drag any window from your computer to your iPad screen. That means you can have your script, Zoom call, or any other window right in front of you. You’re looking at your camera lens while also seeing everything you need.

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Teleprompter App for Videos

To use the teleprompter effectively, consider apps like ‘Teleprompter Premium’ that offer a wealth of settings. You can adjust the margins and size of your text, control the speed of the scroll, and more. This is a game-changer if you like to “wing it” — you can use your teleprompter as a see-through monitor, keeping your script or main talking points right there in front of you.

Transforming the Video Creation Process

A teleprompter like this one eliminates forgetting lines, saves time on retakes, and makes video recording efficient. You can look at the camera while having your script, improving the process.

Keeping eye contact with your audience enhances engagement and creates an intimate viewing experience, improving video quality for subscribers.

The Teleprompter: Your YouTube Success Secret

In the end, a teleprompter is a powerful tool that can transform your YouTube channel. By ensuring that you’re looking at your camera lens the whole time, a teleprompter keeps your videos engaging and helps maintain a consistent, professional quality. Whether you’re scripting your videos word for word or just working from an outline, a teleprompter can be a game-changer.

As always, the key to a successful YouTube channel is creating a library of binge-worthy videos, and a teleprompter can help you do just that.

Still have questions about using a teleprompter? See if this helps…

  1. Is the teleprompter remote compatible with all teleprompter apps? No, the remote that comes with the Neewer is only compatible with the neewer teleprompter app.
  2. How is the glass of the teleprompter positioned? The glass should be opened at a 45-degree angle away from the mounting plate.
  3. How does the teleprompter connect to the computer? The teleprompter doesn’t connect to the computer, the camera does through the Elgato Camlink.