The YouTube Funnel that 4x’ed My Course Sales (BBD Live Recap)

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Recently I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel at James Wedmore’s Business By Design (BBD) Live event. I shared my YouTube funnel strategy to generate sales and grow my audience. I’ve always believed in the power of YouTube for audience building. But what if I told you there’s more to it than just growing your subscriber count? Often, we focus on building our audience, growing our list, and then launching. What if there’s a more efficient way to make consistent sales without the hassle of webinars or expensive ad spends?

Watch the Video: The YouTube Funnel that 4x’ed My Course Sales (BBD Live Recap)

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Enter the YouTube Funnel

I found my answer to that question in the form of a YouTube funnel. I just infused my messaging into my YouTube channel. No need to show up for webinars, or create elaborate sales videos, or run a bunch of ads. The YouTube funnel is about creating a seamless system that guides your audience to your next video, to buy your products, or join your membership.

Building the Funnel, Step by Step

  1. Building a Binge-Worthy Library – At the top of your YouTube funnel is a video, strategically placed in your channel so that people who visit your channel are sure to see it first. There’s a clickable card on the end screen of that video that leads viewers to a “call to action” video. This is your lead getter, or as I like to call it, your “billboard.” In this video, I share valuable content and seamlessly guide viewers to another video, keeping them engaged.
  2. Eliminating Objections – Viewers then can opt into a secret video where I address and eliminate their biggest objection. This is essentially a freebie delivered in video form, ensuring they get all the valuable information while subtly introducing them to my program. I tell them what to do next, which would be starting module 1 of the program.
  3. Sealing the Deal – For the last step in the YouTube funnel, once they opt into the secret video, they are put into an email sequence with a bonus video that I usually provide exclusively to paying clients. At the end of the series of emails, I start getting a little more “sales-y.” I encourage them to purchase my program or membership, whatever I’m currently selling. This exclusive access, email sequence method converts leads at a whopping 20% rate.

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I have so much more to say about YouTube funnels, and I’d love to share it with you in my upcoming YouTube funnel clinic in January 2024. So if you want to learn more about it, how it works, how to infuse the funnel into your YouTube channel, check it out here. I don’t know exactly how long that link will be active. It just depends on how many people want to learn how to set up a simple YouTube funnel!