Canon R10 – 12 Things to Know about Canon’s New Mirrorless Camera! 

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The Canon EOS R10 is a brand new crop sensor, mirrorless camera released in July 2022 along with the EOS R7. I didn’t really need a new camera, but you know I like to cover YouTube cameras here on this blog so when I saw Canon was coming out with something new, I had to check it out! And when I saw some of these features… I added it to my cart right away.

If you’re thinking about buying the Canon R10 or you already own one and you’re trying to learn all that you can about the new mirrorless camera, this post is for you!

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Canon R10 Price

The Canon R10 is priced at about $979 for the body only. But you’ll likely want to buy it bundled with the 18-45 mm lens for around $1100 USD. I wanted the bigger 18-150 mm lens so mine came in around $1400.

Yes, the Canon EOS R10 has continuous recording!

Finally! You can record videos with your Canon camera continuously… meaning it won’t stop recording after 30 minutes. This has been one of the big drawbacks of using Canon cameras for creating videos because other brands didn’t have the same limitation. Now, with this R10, you do have continuous recording (or at least until your battery dies or memory card fills up!)

EOS R10 has new RF-S Lens Mount

You can’t just buy a new Canon camera these days without being low key obsessed with the whole Canon lineup and lenses because they’re in a bit of a pickle right now. Canon cameras are a very confusing thing to be here in 2022!

So yes, the R10 has continuous recording and it also has a completely new lens mount: the RF-S.

Canon has been releasing its mirrorless “R model” cameras for the last few years. These are full-frame, larger, professional-grade cameras that run from $2,000 to $6,000. They also use the RF lenses.

But with the R10 being a crop sensor mirrorless R-model camera (so it’s a little smaller), the R10 is compatible with the RF-S lenses like this one and this one, in addition to the RF lenses.

And some of those RF lenses are a little pricey!! But don’t worry – I don’t think these professional lenses are necessary for creating YouTube videos like mine where you talk to the camera, shoot some b-roll, and hit publish.

Does Canon R10 work with Sigma lenses? You’ve heard me gush about the Sigma 16mm f1.4 lens for the M-body cameras (like the m50, m50 mark ii, etc) which I used to shoot this video. The “Sweet Sigma” as I like to call it is SUPER affordable, it gives you the beautiful, luscious, blurry background, and it’s perfect for recording in a small space. I love it so much I designed a t-shirt for it (coming soon)!

BUT… Sigma not compatible with this R10 body style, even with an adapter. Canon’s m-body cameras are entirely different than the R-body cameras and Sigma doesn’t currently make RF or RF-S lenses.

So to my friends over at Sigma who don’t even know that I exist, please, I’m begging you, do something!

Canon’s RF-S Lenses for EOS R10

Along with the new R10 release, Canon released two RF-S lenses to fit the R10 and R7. You can get the camera bundles with these lenses or buy them separately.

The reason I bought the R10 with the 18-150mm lens instead of the smaller 18-45mm lens is because of the aperture. The RF-S 18-45mm is an f4.5 lens while the 18-150mm goes down to f3.5.

It’s still a far cry from Sigma’s 1.4… but I figured, it’s the better option of the two so I want with the 18-150mm.

R10 Video Resolution and Frame Rates

Canon R10 shoots up to 4k, at 30 frames per second and 24 fps. It will do 60 fps too, but then the 4k is cropped a little.

Canon R10 also shoots 1080 at 60 frames per second, 30 fps, and 24 fps as well.

More Features of Canon EOS R10

Canon R10 is packed with several features that you’d expect from a Canon mirrorless camera, plus some more advanced technology! Some of these features include:

  • fully articulating touch screen
  • mic input
  • hdmi out (so you can set up Canon r10 as a webcam for Zoom and live streams!)
  • USB-C port
  • One memory card slot
  • LP-E17 battery
  • Wi-fi/Bluetooth connectivity

Canon R10’s Autofocus

Like many Canon cameras, the autofocus on the R10 is outstanding. Autofocus is really a necessity if you create “talking head” videos or really, any kind of video! And the R10 uses some of the same tech from the $6,000 Canon R3 and does actually autofocus not only on humans, but animals and vehicles too! Big props to Canon for including the Dual Pixel CMOS AF II on the affordable R10!

I have only played with this here and there, so I cannot give you a full R10 review yet. When I do, I will publish it first on my YouTube channel so make sure to subscribe and you’ll be the first to know!

VIDEO: Canon R10 – 12 Things to Know

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