Descript’s New Editor Layout (what is Underlord??)

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Descript finally has a new editor layout feature! Descript is always updating but this time it’s a pretty big deal because the new editor in Descript looks a lot different. Almost all of the editing tools you’re used to using are in a sidebar, and there’s a whole new feature Descript calls “Underlord” which is where the AI functions are housed. It’s pretty neat!

Descript’s new Editor Layout looks quite a bit different… I’m loving it so far except for one thing.

VIDEO: Descript’s New Editor Layout (what is Underlord??)

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Descript’s New Layout Features: A Comprehensive Guide

Descript, a powerful video editing tool, recently unveiled an exciting makeover. In this post, I’ll walk you through every new layout feature in Descript, highlighting its enhanced usability and powerful tools. This guide will help you navigate the new layout efficiently, so you can easily create high-quality videos.

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Accessing the Descript’s New Layout Features

If you don’t have access to the new layout features yet, simply go to your settings, scroll down under Labs, and enable the new editor. You’ll immediately notice a revamped home screen with a section called “Learn Descript,” providing step-by-step video guides for the new features. This is incredibly useful for getting acquainted with the updates.

The Sidebar Menu in the New Layout Features

One of the most noticeable changes in Descript’s new layout feature is the relocation of the top menu buttons to a new, expansive sidebar. This sidebar enhances visibility and accessibility. Here’s a breakdown of the new sidebar elements:

Files and Compositions

The Files section operates similarly to the old top menu, displaying the compositions and files within your project. You can easily collapse or expand this section as needed.


The Properties sidebar allows you to adjust volume, add effects, animations, and more. If any options are missing, such as Layout, remember they might be collapsed by default.


Previously hidden in the top right, the Comments section now has its dedicated space in the sidebar, making it easier to view and manage feedback.


The Record section remains functionally the same but is now more accessible within the sidebar.

Templates and Layouts

What was once known as Templates is now under Layouts. This section allows you to add text, images, and other elements to your video. Although the functionality remains similar, having them in their own sidebar improves organization.

Stock Media and Music

Under the Media section, you can find royalty-free stock videos, images, stickers, and backgrounds. Similarly, the Music section offers royalty-free tracks. You can also upload your own media files, such as background music or sound effects, directly into the Files section.

Adding Elements and Captions

The Elements section includes tools for adding text, shapes, and other visual elements. The Captions section offers presets for live captions, which can be customized through the Properties sidebar.

The Underlord: AI Features Galore

Despite its quirky name, the Underlord houses Descript’s powerful AI features. These tools, which include options like shortening word gaps, removing filler words, and even generating images, are now easily accessible.

Key AI Features in Descript’s New Layout Feature

  1. Remove Retakes: Automatically identifies and removes retakes in your recordings.
  2. Refine Me: Enhances your video’s quality with AI-driven adjustments.
  3. Eye Contact AI: Maintains eye contact even when you look away from the camera.
  4. Greenscreen: Seamlessly removes and replaces your video background.
  5. Automatic Multicam: Simplifies multicam editing with AI assistance.
  6. Generate Image: Creates images based on textual prompts, perfect for adding visual flair.

Check the video “Descript’s New AI Functions are SCARY good” that I did on the new AI features that you can now find under the Underlord because some of them honestly blew me away like the remove retakes and the find highlights.


Descript‘s new layout feature is a game-changer for video editors. Its intuitive design, combined with powerful AI features, makes video editing more efficient and enjoyable. Don’t forget to download my FREE Descript Video Editing Cheat Sheet, which covers the seven basic steps for editing videos in Descript, updated for the new layout.