YouTube Podcast Setup (Set up YouTube Podcast )

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How to set up your YouTube Podcast can be a bit confusing, so let me break down the steps for your YouTube podcast setup. This applies to video podcasting, RSS feeds, audio podcasting… All of it!

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How to Set Up a YouTube Podcast: A Comprehensive Guide

Creating a podcast on YouTube can be confusing, however, with the right steps, you can set up your podcast properly from the start. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the different methods on how to set up a YouTube podcast and help you choose the best option for your needs.

Getting Started with YouTube Podcasting

First, navigate to your YouTube channel, then at the top right corner, click the “Create” button, and select “New Podcast.” You’ll be presented with a few options. Let’s break these down.

Option 1: Submitting an Existing RSS Feed

You can submit your RSS feed to YouTube if you already have an audio podcast hosted on a platform like Buzzsprout. Here’s how:

  1. Submit RSS Feed: Enter your RSS feed into YouTube. This process will automatically pull in your audio podcast episodes.
  2. Verify Ownership: You’ll need to verify ownership of your RSS feed. Your podcast hosting company should provide a setting to add your email address for verification purposes. After entering your RSS feed on YouTube, you’ll receive a verification code via email and enter this code to complete the process.

This method converts your audio podcast into a YouTube video with a static image of your podcast art and the audio of your episode. This is ideal if you’re not interested in creating video podcast episodes and already have an audio podcast setup.

Option 2: Setting an Existing Playlist as a Podcast

If you already have video content on YouTube organized into playlists, you can designate one of these playlists as a podcast. This method is great if you plan to create video podcast episodes. By marking a playlist as a podcast, your content will also appear in the YouTube Music app.

Option 3: Creating a New Podcast

To create a new podcast from scratch, select “Create New Podcast.” You’ll need to provide:

  • Title: The name of your podcast.
  • Description: A brief summary of your podcast content.
  • Thumbnail: An image that represents your podcast.
  • Video Visibility: Choose the visibility settings for your videos.
  • Sort Order: Decide the order in which your episodes will appear.

After setting this up, you can manually upload your podcast episodes to YouTube.

Understanding YouTube Podcasts vs. Regular YouTube Videos

A common question is the difference between a YouTube podcast and a regular YouTube video. Essentially, there isn’t a significant difference. YouTube podcasts are regular videos designated as podcasts to make them accessible in the YouTube Music app. This designation is part of YouTube’s strategy to compete in the podcasting space.

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Benefits of Using YouTube for Your Podcast

YouTube is a powerful platform for growing your audience because of its discovery features and algorithm. Even if your podcast is audio-only, uploading it to YouTube can help you reach more people. The platform’s recommendation system can introduce your content to a broader audience, enhancing your podcast’s visibility.

Maximizing Your Reach

To maximize your reach, then, consider the following strategy :

  1. Upload Video Content to YouTube: Create engaging video content for your YouTube podcast playlist.
  2. Distribute Audio Content: Use your podcast hosting service to distribute the audio version to various podcast players like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and others.

This dual approach ensures that your content is accessible on multiple platforms, reaching a wider audience.

Future of Video Podcasting

The integration of video and audio podcasting is still evolving. Ideally, we would like a seamless way to upload a video podcast episode and have it automatically distributed to all podcast players, while this isn’t fully realized yet, it’s a promising area for future development.

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Leveraging YouTube for your podcast can significantly boost your audience reach. Whether you’re converting an existing audio podcast, using an existing playlist, or creating new video content, YouTube offers powerful tools for content creators. By understanding and utilizing these options, you can effectively grow your audience and enhance your podcast’s visibility.