I Tried Video Podcasting for 3 Months: here’s what happened | Ep. 15

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3 months ago, I started the “Video Brand Infusion” Podcast, a video podcasting on YouTube for business growth. Today, I want to share how it went, whether it has grown my audience, and how much revenue it has generated. Is it worth the extra time and effort to publish a video along with an audio podcast? In the first 90 days of my video podcast, the videos got 8,000 views and the audio podcast got 500 downloads. But there’s more to it than that… Let’s talk about it!

VIDEO: I tried video podcasting for 3 months: here’s what happened | Ep. 15

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Launching the Video Podcast on YouTube for Business Growth

I published the first episode of “Video Brand Infusion” on April 4, 2024, a video podcast on YouTube for business growth. As of June 28, 2024, we’ve reached episode 15. Although I skipped a week, it’s essentially been three months since the launch. I started with three episodes already in place to provide initial momentum. My aim was to see if creating both video and audio versions of the podcast would significantly grow my audience and contribute to my business goals.

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Audience Growth and Engagement

YouTube vs. Audio Downloads

I published my first episode on April 4, 2024, and as of recording this on June 28, 2024, it’s been almost three months. I launched with three episodes, bringing us to episode 15 today. Here’s a breakdown of the numbers:

  • YouTube Views: Over 8,000 views for podcast videos
  • Audio Downloads: Just over 500 downloads

The YouTube videos of the podcast have garnered over 8,000 views, while the audio episodes have seen a little over 500 downloads. This stark difference highlights the inherent advantage of YouTube’s built-in audience versus starting from scratch with an audio podcast. However, the real question is: does this difference matter?

Engagement and Feedback on my Video Podcast on YouTube for Business Growth

The feedback on YouTube has been incredibly positive. Detailed and thoughtful comments from viewers have been a testament to the value they find in the content. This level of engagement is fulfilling and reinforces the purpose of creating content – to help others and foster a community. Moreover, the videos themselves have performed well in terms of views, exceeding my initial expectations. Here’s a snapshot of the metrics:

  • Subscribers Gained: 86 new subscribers from podcast episodes
  • Most Popular Episode:Start YouTube from Scratch,” with 988 views and 47 audio downloads

Buzzsprout indicates an estimated 44 downloads for future episodes, suggesting a growing subscriber base. Although it’s challenging to trace whether these subscribers originated from YouTube or the podcast itself, the overall engagement is promising.

If you want to know a little secret, if you’re listening to this as an audio podcast, Buzzsprout has this really cool feature where it opens up your text app. You can shoot me a text I can’t respond to it and I don’t see your phone number or anything, it’s totally anonymous.

Business Impact of YouTube Podcast

Revenue and Leads

From a business perspective, the video podcast has been a significant contributor. Here’s a breakdown of the stats:

  • Ad Revenue: The podcast videos on YouTube have generated $140 in ad revenue.
  • Subscribers: The podcast has attracted 86 new subscribers to my YouTube channel.
  • Leads: Using Google Analytics, I tracked 107 users landing on my lead magnet opt-in page, with the majority coming from YouTube.

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Business Impact and Lead Generation

From a business perspective, I created a lead magnet (Ep. 1: Consistent Sales of Your Online Course with YouTube) specifically for the podcast—a video explaining the AIT method and setting up a YouTube funnel. Here’s how it performed:

  • Lead Magnet Traffic Sources:
    • 54% from YouTube (my billboard video)
    • 28% from profile visits
    • 9.3% from blogs or direct sources
    • 8.4% from the audio podcast
  • Lead Generation:
    • 107 users visited the lead magnet opt-in page
    • Approximately 76 legitimate leads

Out of these leads, I’ve achieved 7 seven sales of my YouTube funnel course, amounting to around $4,000 in revenue. This conversion rate of approximately 6.5% is impressive and underscores the effectiveness of combining video and audio content.

The Workflow and Efficiency

A key reason for the podcast’s success is the streamlined workflow I’ve established. By recording the podcast as a video and using auphonic to automate the creation of the audio version, I’ve minimized the additional effort required. This setup ensures that I only need to edit the content once, making the process efficient and manageable.

The Decision-Making Process

Initially, I was hesitant about starting a video podcast due to concerns about audience overlap and content reception. However, analyzing my YouTube channel’s analytics and considering my business goals helped me decide. The primary audience for my YouTube channel is interested in video creation, gear, and setup. Aligning the podcast content with these interests was crucial.

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The Verdict: Is It Worth It?

For me, the answer is a resounding yes. The combination of video and audio content has not only grown my audience but also contributed significantly to my business revenue. Here are the key reasons why it works for me:

  1. Established YouTube Presence: Having a background in video creation and a well-established YouTube channel provides a strong foundation.
  2. Automated Workflow: Utilizing tools like Auphonic to convert video to audio seamlessly minimizes extra effort.
  3. Consistent Format: A scripted framework for each episode simplifies the creation process and ensures consistency.

These factors, combined with my passion for video content, make video podcasting a natural fit for my business strategy.


Launching “Video Brand Infusion” as a video podcast has proven to be a valuable endeavor. It has grown my audience, generated revenue, and provided a fulfilling creative outlet. If you’re already creating YouTube videos, adding an audio podcast could be a beneficial extension of your content strategy. For those who are just starting, leveraging video content can provide a significant boost to your audience growth and engagement.

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