Elgato Released the BEST Teleprompter

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When the folks over at Elgato contacted me a couple weeks ago and said, “Hey, we’re releasing this teleprompter. Would you like us to send you one?” I mean, I’m never going to say no to a piece of video gear, but I’ll be honest. My initial thought was after I spent hours getting my newer teleprompter in just the right position, then at just the right angle, at just the right center of gravity, Elgato comes out with their new teleprompter. And this is the year, apparently, of teleprompters. Full disclosure, Elgato gifted this to me. I didn’t pay for it, but this isn’t a sponsored post. They’re not paying me to talk about it. It was like a no strings attached type of a situation. So let’s dive in.

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Setting Up the Elgato Teleprompter

The first thing that caught my attention was the ease of setup. The Elgato teleprompter comes with a variety of backplates to accommodate different cameras, ensuring a secure fit. I appreciated the clear labeling on each ring, making it a breeze to select the right size. Within minutes, the camera was securely attached and the teleprompter was ready to go. The streamlined design, especially compared to my previous setup, was a breath of fresh air.

Integrated Display: A Game-Changer

One standout feature of the Elgato teleprompter is its integrated display. Unlike traditional setups that rely on external devices like iPads, this teleprompter eliminates the need for extra equipment. This means you can use your iPad for other tasks without sacrificing the teleprompter functionality. It’s a seamless experience that saves both time and resources.

Camera Hub Software: A Surprising Bonus

Elgato’s camera hub software was a pleasant surprise. This nifty addition provides a seamless teleprompter experience directly on your desktop. You can effortlessly control scrolling speed, adjust margins, and even change text size and color. It’s a level of customization that ensures your prompts are tailored to your preferences and workflow.

Color Balance: A Quick Fix

One minor quirk I noticed was a subtle color shift when using the teleprompter against a colorful background. However, a simple adjustment to a plain black wallpaper resolved the issue entirely. It’s a small adjustment for the significant benefits the Elgato teleprompter brings to the table.

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Final Thoughts: A Two-Thumbs Up!

After putting the Elgato teleprompter through its paces, I can confidently say its seamless integration, user-friendly setup, and robust software make it a standout choice in the teleprompter market. One little piece of feedback for Elgato is that I want to be able to mount the teleprompter itself to a Master Mount and then attach the camera to the teleprompter. It works fine the way it is, but I could definitely see where you might not feel 100% comfortable with having it attached to your lens and just having it kind of hang out there. So that’s my only little complaint, but if you’re in the market for a teleprompter that balances ease of use with professional-grade performance, the Elgato teleprompter gets a resounding two thumbs up from me.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of content creation, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. The Elgato teleprompter offers a seamless, integrated solution that streamlines your workflow and enhances the quality of your videos. Its user-friendly setup, integrated display, and intuitive software make it a standout choice for video creators and online business owners alike. Elevate your video production with the Elgato teleprompter and experience a new level of professionalism in your content. And for further advice on how to elevate your content, check out my downloadable “Crush it on Camera” guide to help you create pro-looking videos that grow your audience with ease.