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How to Get Your First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube

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There are thousands of videos on how to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube, so why is this one any different? Because there’s something those “first 1000 YouTube subscribers” videos aren’t telling you.

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First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube

The Secret to Your First 1K Subscribers

Videos about how to get 1k youtube subscribers

By the time you’re reading this blog, there’s a really good chance that you’ve probably watched one, or a dozen, of the other “how to get your first 1,000 YouTube subscribers” videos. And you might be wondering, “Is there anything else I need to know?”.

There are lots of videos about this topic on YouTube, but you know what’s missing from all of them? Well, it’s a phenomenon called the Spider Web Effect, and it might blow your mind. At least, that’s what my members of the Video Pursuit Society have told me when I’ve shared it with them.

What is the Spider Web Effect?

What is the spiderweb effect?

The beauty of the Spider Web Effect is that it’s both a strategy and a tool, especially if you’re a visual person. Also, if you’re doing YouTube as a side hustle, you don’t have time to create videos that don’t attract subscribers.

First, I’m going to show you why the Spider Web Effect is so effective, and then we’ll get into how to put it into action on your channel. I’m also going to share with you some hurdles and roadblocks that you might encounter using the Spider Web Effect, so let’s dive in.

Spider Web Effect is the Fastest Way to Reach 1000 YouTube Subscribers

Reaching 1k subscribers after 9 months in YouTube

Here’s the thing. The Spider Web Effect is the fastest way to reach your first 1,000 YouTube subscribers. This concept is what I used when I started my channel back in 2015 to gain my first 1000 YouTube subscribers in about nine months. Then, I had 2,000 in total by the end of that first year.

That spider web on YouTube creates this environment where you’re attracting viewers who are interested in the rest of your content rather than creating content that bounces around all over the place.

For new viewers who land on your channel, it will be instantly clear what your channel is really about and the value that you bring. So, it’ll be a no-brainer for them to actually hit that subscribe button.

Moreover, when YouTube is looking for what videos to recommend to the viewer who’s watching your channel, they’re going to look at your library first. So having a tightly-woven library is good for the algorithm too. But usually, with a brand new channel, you start with a list of videos, so I will show you how to turn it into a spider web using the Spider Web Effect.

It has to be tightly woven

the spiderweb should be tightly woven

There are three main elements to the Spider Web Effect. The first element is that it has to be tightly woven. So if you think about an actual spider web, why do they exist? Well, a spider weaves a spider web so that as bugs fly through, they get caught on the web and the spider catches its dinner. So the tighter that web is, the more likely that that spider is going to actually catch things that are flying through. If there are holes in that spider web, then the bugs could just escape and the spider would go hungry.

Focus on 1 section at a time

focusing on one section of the spiderweb at a time

The second element of the Spider Web Effect is that you focus on one section of the web at a time. Then, you make sure there are no holes in that section of the spider web.

Your videos should be bingeable

The third element of the Spider Web Effect that we’re creating is that your videos are “bingeable”. It should be some type of series. Your viewers will be compelled to watch the next one, next one, and so on.

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Applying SEO to the Spider Web Effect

The spiderweb effect

In my last video, I mentioned that the way to get viewers on your first five videos is through SEO. The same applies to this. You want to make sure when you have less than 1,000 YouTube subscribers that you’re hitting those search results with your videos.

So let’s say if you have a YouTube channel that you want to be about sewing, right? Sewing is a pretty broad niche but if that’s your passion, go for it. There are all different types of sewing, right? Maybe a whole series on how to sew scrunchies. Then maybe you want to do a few lessons on how to sew pajama pants. Of course, maybe face masks, that would be a good one to do. Then how to sew curtains, how to sew hats, how to sew costumes.

It’s all sewing, it’s all under one niche but those are very different sections of this spider web.

Risks in Applying the Spider Web

What often happens is, people will create a video about how to sew scrunchies for beginners and that’s sewing. That’s within the sewing niche. The problem with that is when viewers find your video on how to sew scrunchies for beginners they’re not interested in sewing curtains. So not only do you risk losing that subscriber, but you also are missing out on the opportunity to create a couple more videos specifically about scrunchies. And that would be a section of the spider web.

So you’d have a whole section on just sewing scrunchies, the elastic you should use. It could also bee the best fabric for making scrunchies, how to make 100 scrunchies in an hour, how to make scrunchies for beginners, how to make small scrunchies, how to make scrunchies for babies.

Then you would move on to another section of your spider web. It should be something that is related to scrunchies or hair accessories in some way. You wouldn’t just jump straight to curtains. So instead of having a list of videos you have this web, this map of how your videos are actually connected and how one leads to the other, leads to the other, and that is why it’s the fastest way to gain your first 1000 YouTube subscribers.

The Problems in Implementing the Spider Web Effect

Listing down niche ideas

There are some roadblocks to look out for here when you start implementing the Spider Web Effect on your channel. You get burned out, or you give up and you just simply stop creating videos, it’s not going to work. You have to keep producing content, publishing every week, on some type of regular schedule. If you can do it every week, you have to keep building that library and that web of content within each of your sections.

The second thing is something I run into a lot with my students inside of the Video Pursuit Society and that is, “I have so many ideas”, or “there are so many niches”, “there are so many directions I could go”, “how do I know where to start?” Here’s what I would suggest, something my business mentor taught me.

Make a list of all the niches and ideas that you would love to dive into right now. Then look at that list and ask yourself, “If I knew that I would be successful in this niche, in any of these niches, which one would I choose if I knew that it was going to be successful?” Start with that.

Moving on to the next step for your first 1000 YouTube Subscribers!

Earlier, I’ve mentioned that the third element of the Spider Web Effect is that you’re creating a series of five videos and topics that:

A.) People are searching for
B.) That are bingeable, so they want to actually watch them

So how do you know what people are really searching for? How do you create those first five videos and choose those topics? Well, I have a workbook for that, it’s called “The Fast Way To 1K YouTube Subscribers” Guide. Get it here (updated for 2022). So check it out now to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube!

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There are thousands of videos on how to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube, so why is this one any different? Because there's something those "first 1000 YouTube subscribers" videos aren't telling you.