FULL BREAKDOWN: $27k on a $147 product | Ep. 14

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You have heard me talk about my “set it and forget it” YouTube funnel but today I want to break down exactly how my $147 course generated $27, 000 over the last year on autopilot. I already published a BBD Review years ago, but today I want to share how my online course sells itself, and what exactly my results have been over the last year. Plus, what comes next?

VIDEO: FULL BREAKDOWN: $27k on a $147 product | Ep. 14

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The Power of Digital Products

Building an online business where you control what you do daily is only possible by creating and selling your digital products, courses, or programs. Unlike relying on client work or services, digital products allow you to leverage your time and effort for passive income.

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My Journey to an “Evergreen” or “Set it and Forget it” YouTube Funnel

Initially, I launched my “30 Days to a Thriving YouTube Channel” course as a paid workshop, making $1,518. Over time, I tweaked the name, content, and pricing through various promotions to my email list. However, it wasn’t until I attended the “Rise of the Digital CEO” training by my business mentor, James Wedmore, that everything clicked.

I realized the key was to “YouTubify” the traditional course launch strategy instead of trying to force those methods onto the YouTube platform. Thus, the “set it and forget it” YouTube funnel was born.

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Funnel Breakdown behind “Set it and Forget It” YouTube funnel

On April 19th, 2023, I published my “billboard” or lead-getter video on YouTube. This video was strategically designed to attract my ideal customers interested in learning how to grow a thriving YouTube channel. I set up an opt-in page, sales page, email sequences, and all the necessary automation.

Over the next 54 weeks, this funnel generated:

  • 9,236 views on my “billboard” or “lead-getter” video
  • 785 email opt-ins (8.5% opt-in rate)
  • 132 course sales
  • $27,364 in revenue

That’s a 1.4% conversion rate from video views to sales! In other words, for every 1,000 people who watched my lead-getter video, 14 purchased my course.

The Power of Numbers

Knowing these numbers is invaluable for creating a strategic content plan. Instead of guessing what videos to make, I can focus on attracting my ideal customers interested in learning how to grow a thriving YouTube channel. This way, I can create fun and helpful videos that generate revenue for my business.

But there is one more critical number, the Earnings Per Lead (EPL). With an EPL of $34 and no ad spend, it wouldn’t be business-savvy to let this funnel run on its own, it’s time to scale it up with paid advertising!

Looking Ahead

While this evergreen YouTube funnel continues generating sales, my next focus is revamping my membership offer with a new brand, name, and overall package. I am crafting this using the proven strategies from James Wedmore’s “Business by Design” program.

If you’re planning to join James Wedmore’s Business by Design and want to grow your audience on YouTube, be sure to claim my “YouTubify Your Business (By Design)” bonus! I’ll be hosting group calls and an in-person meetup to help you implement what you learn and set up your own YouTube sales funnel.


Creating an evergreen YouTube funnel that continuously attracts leads and generates sales on autopilot is a game-changer for any online business. By combining strategic video content with a well-designed sales funnel, you can build a sustainable income stream while still providing immense value to your audience.

Are you ready to tap into the power of YouTube and unlock consistent revenue for your business? Start planning your own “set it and forget it” YouTube funnel today!

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