I Launched an App with Kajabi! (My Secret Project is ready!)

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It’s finally here… The Video Brand Academy App! This is the secret project I’ve been working on. Oh my goodness… I’m so excited to share this with you. I’ve been working on this app over the last couple of months and I’m pumped for this next evolution of my brand and business.

VIDEO: My Secret Project is READY!

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Introducing the Video Brand Academy App: Your New Hub for Video Marketing Resources

I am beyond excited to introduce you to my latest project – the Video Brand Academy app! This new venture aims to bring together all my resources, courses, and membership perks into one convenient, mobile-friendly platform. Let us dive into what this app can offer and let us see why I’m so thrilled about its potential.

Download for free: Video Brand Academy App

Why the Video Brand Academy App?

I’ve long felt the need to brand my business beyond just my name. My journey began with the GoPro Mom channel, which evolved into VidProMom. Despite loving my personal brand, I wanted something that felt more expansive and aligned with my vision. When the opportunity to develop an app with Kajabi came along, I seized it. Thus, the Video Brand Academy was born.

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The App’s Core Features

I designed the Video Brand Academy app to make the content and courses more accessible, especially for those on the go. Here are some of the key features:

  1. Free Access Points:
    • The Vault: A drop zone for freebies. We will regularly update this section with new resources, and by turning on notifications, will ensure you never miss out on these valuable tools.
    • YouTubify Your Business by Design: Available for a limited time, this resource is aimed at helping you integrate YouTube into your business strategy effectively.
  2. Member Benefits:
    • If you’re already a member or have purchased courses like “30 Days to a Thriving YouTube Channel”, you can log in with your usual credentials to access all your content. This includes live meetups, resources, and courses tailored to help you grow your YouTube channel.
  3. Live Meetups and Masterclasses:
    • I’ll schedule regular live sessions and expert masterclasses inside the app to keep you updated with the latest strategies and tools for video marketing. For instance, recent meetups have focused on enhancing watch time to boost YouTube algorithm performance.

How to Get the Most Out of the App

Here are two key steps to maximize your experience with the Video Brand Academy app:

  1. Enable Notifications: This is crucial. By turning on notifications, you’ll receive real-time updates about new freebies, live sessions, and important announcements. This way, you won’t miss out on any opportunities to enhance your video marketing skills.
  2. Utilize Member Resources: If you’re a paid customer, make sure to log in to access exclusive content. This includes replay videos of past meetups, strategy guides, templates for thumbnails and scripts, and much more. I designed all of these resources to help you grow your YouTube channel efficiently.

Exciting Future Developments for Video Brand Academy App

I’m already thrilled with the capabilities of the app, which currently stands at version 1.0. However, Kajabi and I are continuously working to improve and expand its features. Upcoming updates will enhance the user experience even further, making the app an indispensable tool for video marketers.


The Video Brand Academy app represents a significant step in my journey to provide comprehensive video marketing resources. Whether you’re a newbie looking to start your YouTube channel or an experienced creator seeking advanced strategies, this app has something for everyone. Download it today, explore its features, and let me know your thoughts and suggestions. I can’t wait to see you inside the Video Brand Academy!