My Video Podcast Script Outline | Ep. 16

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I have a secret about how I record my video podcasts… specifically how I script my video podcast episodes to make them quicker to record, quicker to edit, and overall EASIER to get published.

I’ve been using a reusable video podcast script on all of my video podcast episodes, and it’s worked so well for me I want to share it with you! Many people have requested this video podcast outline. This is one that I use for some YouTube videos, but mostly for the video podcast.

This video podcast script outline is my key to creating consistent content!

VIDEO: My Video Podcast Script Outline | Ep. 16

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The Problem with Over-Scripting

Many people believe that scripting video podcast every word is necessary to produce perfect videos. However, this isn’t always true. Over-scripting can lead to content that feels stiff and unnatural. Instead, a flexible outline can help you deliver your message more effectively.

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The Power of a Reusable Outline

A reusable, customizable outline is a game-changer in scripting video podcasts. It provides a structure that ensures your content is clear and engaging without the need to script every single word. This approach makes it easier to record and edit your videos, saving you valuable time and effort.

Why Avoid AI for Scripting

While AI can be helpful for generating ideas, it often falls short when it comes to creating scripts that sound authentic and human. Using a customizable outline allows you to maintain your unique voice and style, making your content more relatable and engaging.

My 7-Part Influence Script Outline

Here’s a breakdown of my 7-part influence script outline that you can use for your video podcasts or YouTube videos:

1. Attention/Hook

Start with a strong statement and a question to grab your audience’s attention. Keep intros short and to the point to maintain viewer interest.

2. Introduction

Briefly introduce yourself and the purpose of your video. This sets the stage for what’s to come and gives your audience a reason to keep watching.

3. Highlight Common Mistakes

Identify common mistakes related to your topic and explain why they should be avoided. This helps to engage your audience by addressing their pain points.

4. Introduce Your Solution

Present your method or solution, explaining why it’s effective. In this case, the solution is using a customizable outline for scripting.

5. Discuss the Consequences of the Wrong Approach

Elaborate on the drawbacks of not using your method. For instance, relying too much on AI can result in content that doesn’t feel genuine.

6. Body Content

This is the core of your video where you delve into the details of your topic. For example, explain the steps in your outline and how to use them effectively.

7. Call to Action

End with a clear call to action. Encourage your viewers to download your outline or visit a specific episode for more information.

Practical Application: Creating Your Own Outline

To help you get started, I’ve made my customizable video podcast script outline available for free. You can download it from This outline will help you plan and record your videos more efficiently, leading to better content and more consistent output.

If you are running a business and want to generate consistent revenue with YouTube, the more videos you have out there, the more that will happen for you. When you have a “Set-it-and-forget YouTube funnel” set up on your channel, then all of the content you create with this script can easily guide your viewers to the top of your funnel so that you can generate leads and sales in your business with your YouTube content.

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Conclusion: Streamlining Your Content Creation

By using a reusable, customizable outline, you can make the process of creating video podcasts much easier. This method not only saves time but also helps you maintain a human touch in your content. Give it a try and see how it transforms your video creation process!

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