Quick Tip: Shooting on your iPhone [You're Doing it Wrong]

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When I’m out and about, I observe people doing it wrong. And I have to to refrain from tapping them on the shoulder and correcting them… the struggle is real.

This is one of those things that you either get it or you don’t. It’s not a new concept… not by a long shot. Bloggers and Vloggers have been ranting about this for years.

The purpose of GoProMom is to teach cool moms and dads how to create home movies that don’t suck. Now it’s my turn.

When shooting video on your phone (iPhone, Android, Whatever), do it horizontally!

Movie screens are horizontal, TVs are horizontal, OUR EYE BALLS are horizontal.

It’s the natural way we see things.

When you create a home movie later (because that’s what I want you to do!), you will thank yourself!