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Running a DIY Blog and YouTube Channel with Anika Gandhi

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Curious about how to create and shoot DIY videos for your blog? Anika Gandhi from Anika’s DIY Life gives me the scoop on shooting woodworking projects, DIY blogging, and working with sponsors!

Running a DIY Blog and YouTube Channel with Anika Gandhi

Video on Multiple Platforms

As a blogger, Anika does a great job of placing her video content on multiple platforms.

She posts on YouTube and uses some of her video content on Instagram. More and more I see video content creators using their video in multiple places. Multipurposing your content is just being smart with your time and energy.

It’s so much more than just hitting publish on YouTube!

I want to make sure you know about the social video blueprint that I created. It’s a free PDF that gives you layout ideas and tips, plus current dimensions and best practice for video content across YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram – like Stories and IGTV. You can grab the social video blueprint at or hit the link below.


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