3 Videos Every Online Business Needs On Your Channel Right Now | Ep. 13

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Channel Trailers are nothing more than wasted space (if you’re using YouTube to market your business). YouTube wants you to use the “trailer” to gain subscribers, but YOU are here to generate revenue… In this video, you’ll learn what to do instead of using a channel trailer and the 3 YouTube videos every online business should have on their channel right now. If you don’t have them, make these videos next!

VIDEO: 3 Videos Every Online Business Needs On Your Channel Right Now | Ep. 13

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3 Essential YouTube Videos for Online Business Owners

You might be thinking that a YouTube channel trailer is an essential part of your channel. But, let me tell you, for online business owners looking to generate revenue through their YouTube content, a channel trailer might just be a waste of valuable space. Instead, there are 3 types of YouTube videos every online business should focus on to effectively market your business and attract your ideal customers.

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Why Not a Channel Trailer?

YouTube provides a feature called a channel trailer, which is meant to introduce your channel to new viewers and entice them to subscribe. However, gaining subscribers alone doesn’t directly contribute to your business’s revenue. What you really need is content that attracts your ideal clients and leads them into your sales funnel. Here are 3 types of YouTube videos that every online business owner should have on their YouTube channel:

1. The Ultimate Guide or “How-To” YouTube Videos for Online Businesses

Having a foundational video that explains the basics of your niche is crucial. This video should be an entry point for new viewers who are unfamiliar with your content. It’s important to create a “101” type video that serves as an ultimate guide or a comprehensive “how-to” for the main topic of your channel.

Why It’s Important:

  • SEO Benefits: People often search for “how to” content. Having this type of video increases the chances of your content being found.
  • Audience Engagement: It helps new viewers understand your expertise and provides them with a clear starting point.
  • Lead Generation: While you don’t need to give away all your secrets, providing a thorough introduction can lead viewers to explore your other content and offerings.

Tips for Creating Your Guide:

  • Focus on the main question or problem your channel addresses.
  • Use B-roll footage from your other videos to enhance the quality.
  • Update this video regularly to ensure it stays relevant and performs well.

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2. Comparison Video: Your Method vs. Alternatives

The second essential video is one that compares your method or approach to others in the industry. This type of video showcases why your approach is superior and educates your audience on the various options available to them.

Why It’s Important:

  • Educates Your Audience: Helps viewers understand different methods and why yours is the best.
  • Establishes Authority: Demonstrates your expertise and deep understanding of your niche.
  • Encourages Interaction: Viewers may leave comments with questions or feedback, providing more content ideas.

Tips for Creating Comparison Videos:

  • Identify the common alternatives your audience might consider.
  • Clearly explain the benefits and drawbacks of each method.
  • Highlight the unique advantages of your approach.

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3. The Billboard YouTube Video Instead of a Channel Trailer

Rather than a traditional channel trailer, create a “billboard” video that grabs the attention of your ideal client. This video should be prominently featured at the top of your channel and should focus on addressing the primary desire or problem of your target audience.

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Why It’s Important:

  • Attracts Ideal Clients: Directly speaks to the needs and wants of your target audience.
  • Promotes Lead Magnets: Encourages viewers to subscribe to your email list or download a free resource.
  • Engages Viewers: A compelling, well-crafted video will keep viewers on your channel longer.

Tips for Creating a Billboard Video:

*** For a freebie, I created and put this little toolbox together I called it The 3×4 Method, you can find it at the top of my funnel at the top of my channel you’ve probably already seen it but I had to get creative, and come up with a way of helping solve an obstacle.


In summary, ditch the channel trailer and focus on creating videos that provide real value and engage your audience. Start with a comprehensive “how-to” guide, add a comparison video to highlight your unique approach, and finish with a billboard video that directs viewers into your sales funnel. By implementing these strategies, you can create 3 YouTube videos that can transform your YouTube channel into a powerful tool for generating revenue and growing your business.

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