Grow Your Audience Fast as a Solo Content Creator

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If you’re using video content to grow your audience fast, you’re already ahead of the online business game! And you probably already spend a good chunk of your time creating your content… So how can you get the youtube videos that you work so hard on out to more people? In this blog, you’re going to learn the “MEGAphone Method” to grow your audience fast… so you can reach way more people without doing way more work!

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The Method to Grow Your Audience

If you are using video content as a solo content creator, you are probably already spending a lot of time creating your actual content. It’s the unique thing that you’re creating an offering here on YouTube and other platforms.

I have developed a concept called the “MEGAphone method”. It is a way for you to reach more people with your content without doing way more work.

Like me, you also might be looking for ways to speed up your content creation process, right? If I could just get faster at making videos, then I could create more of them. And if I can create more videos, then my audience will grow faster.

While there, maybe a truth to that logic, what if we focus our energy on getting the content that we pour our heart and soul into in front of more people faster? YouTube is obviously a fantastic place to start because it’s a search engine.

You can grow your audience fast, you can create “How-to” videos. They’re easy to create, but most content creators stop there. They create their YouTube video, they throw it up there and then they wait like one of these days.

My friend, I submit to you the megaphone method. This is an acronym. We’re going to dive into each of these points. This is a way to utilize the algorithm that we have while also algorithm-proofing our content for the future.

M = Main Platform First

Grow Your Audience Fast using the MEGAphone Method - M = Main Platform First

So the M in MEGA stands for “Main platform first”. What the heck does that mean? Well, for me that means I focus my energy on my content creation on YouTube videos. When I think, “What does my audience want to learn?”, “What do they need to learn?”, “What do I want to create today?”, “I’m thinking about a YouTube video”. It’s probably the same for you too, and maybe it’s IG TV or maybe it’s Facebook Live, but whatever it is, you focus on your main platform first.

That’s where your core audiences are, so that’s your main platform, so you’re going to focus on that. That’s what the M stands for.

E = Edit First, Then Repurpose

Grow Your Audience Fast using the MEGAphone Method - E = Edit One, then Repurpose

First, you focus on your main platform. The E stands for “Edit first, then repurpose”. That sounds kind of self-explanatory, but the concept here is you do your main content. For me, it’s YouTube.

I do my YouTube video and then I do other things with it. I turn it into a blog post. They upload it to IG TV. I repurpose that one main edit, so let’s keep going.

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G = Go Long, Go Wide, Go Deep

Go Long

Grow Your Audience Fast using the MEGAphone Method - G = go long

The G stands for “Go long, go wide, go deep”. Now there’s a lot inside of the G here, so go long means create content that has longevity, create content for search engines, evergreen content, stuff that five years from now, if somebody searches for this and they find your video, it’s still relevant.

My friend/former boss called me on the phone. I haven’t talked to him in like years, and he called me on the phone to ask an iMovie question because when he searched for help with iMovie, guess whose video popped up? That video was like four or five years old.

The video didn’t actually answer his question so he called me on the phone. My point is that the content still has relevance years later that is going long. You’re going for those search engines, so YouTube, blogging, Pinterest is a search engine, but I don’t know if that really counts as longevity because you, kind of, have to like keep posting there.

You know your live streams on Instagram, forgotten gone after 24 hours. Pretty much anything on Instagram is off of people’s feeds within 24 hours or so. That’s not longevity. You’re not creating content that’s going to be around or if it’s around people aren’t going to find it years down the road, so go along with your content.

Go Wide

Grow Your Audience Fast using the MEGAphone Method - G = go wide

The next is go wide, which means go wide on the platforms that you enjoy using. If you don’t like using Instagram, don’t use Instagram. I like using Instagram.

So even though YouTube is my main platform, I’m also trying to grow my Instagram. I like to use that platform to connect with people. I kinda sort of using Pinterest. I’m just now starting to utilize LinkedIn when I remember that it exists. Facebook is kind of “Meh” for me, but I’m going wide on platforms that I enjoy using and that I think my audience enjoys using as well.

Go Deep

Grow Your Audience Fast using the MEGAphone Method - G = go deep

And the next is go deep. And this is where you algorithm-proof your content. If something happens to any of your other platforms, you have an audience somewhere else and that’s great, you know, across social media. But where you really want your audience to kind of go deep with you, go the next level with you is through email and there’s a really, really good reason why you want to be building your email list right now.

Even if you’re trying to grow on YouTube or grow an Instagram or whatever it is you’re doing, build your email list now. Who knows where YouTube is going to be a year from now or where Instagram is going to be 10 years from now, but your email list is yours. So that’s what it means to go deep.

For me, it’s building my email list. For you, you may be into messenger marketing or something. It’s getting people into a more sort of personal connection rather than just if they happen to see your post on Instagram or happen to catch your newest video on YouTube.

A = Alignment

Grow Your Audience Fast using the MEGAphone Method - A = Alignment

The A here stands for alignment and alignment could mean so many things. For an online business, Alignment to me means is my content aligned with what I’m offering? I have a membership program, I have a couple of courses.

I actually have a new course that’s opening next week on editing your YouTube videos. And so the content that I create is aligned with the digital products that I offer. It’s also aligned with my big vision and my big goal, which is to help solo content creators grow their audience and income online using YouTube and video content.

So, the content that I’m creating here on YouTube and all my platforms is aligned with not just my digital products, but my vision as a whole. It’s not just whatever I feel like creating content about.

Implementing MEGAphone Method

So, let’s talk about ways that you would actually implement the megaphone method as a solo content creator. As I said, you’re going to focus on your main platform first. I highly recommend YouTube because as I said, it’s a great place to grow your audience and get some really quick traction and then you’re going to repurpose your content for the platforms that you use.

For me, that’s creating an IG TV video. For you, that might be breaking up your video into smaller little segments that you can put on your Instagram stories. I also create a blog post out of all of my videos. I have a video that I did a couple of months ago on how to do that really quickly, so that’s more long term content that I’m putting out there.

It’s on YouTube, it’s on my blog; people will find it years from now. But I’m starting with that YouTube video first. So, then I’m going long with my blog. I’m going wide by spreading out across the platforms that I enjoy using and that I want to grow an audience on. And I’m going deep by building my email list. How do I build my email list? Well, I tell you things like, Hey, the first step to actually creating YouTube videos is creating YouTube videos.

So if you’re not sure how to edit your YouTube videos, I have a really great “Edit Like a Pro” cheat sheet. It will help you avoid making the simple mistakes that people make when they just start out on a YouTube that could be costing you subscribers.

And the way that that actual algorithm proves your content is because if some wacky thing happens to the YouTube algorithm and I published a video, my entire email list is going to get a notification about that video because I’m going to send them an email.

Quick Recap

In a nutshell, I’m using YouTube to grow my email list. I’m using my email list to drive more traffic to YouTube, which then grows my YouTube, which then grows my email list. Do you see how this works? That’s what going deep is all about an algorithm proofing your content.

Lastly, just always make sure that the content you’re creating is aligned with either the product or course or program that you already have or you want to create. Or, it’s at least aligned with your big vision and the goals that you really want to accomplish by growing your audience and income online.

If you want to learn more about creating content and growing your income on YouTube, don’t hesitate to check out my YouTube channel here.

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Grow Your Audience Fast

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If you’re using video content to grow your audience fast, you're already ahead of the online business game! And you probably already spend a good chunk of your time creating your content... So how can you get the youtube videos that you work so hard on out to more people? In this blog, you're going to learn the "MEGAphone Method" to grow your audience fast... so you can reach way more people without doing way more work!