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5 Tips to Grow Your Online Side Hustle in Just 1 Hour After Work

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“Nowadays, there can be many things people can do as their side hustle—especially online. For some, they only have an hour for their side hustle, like a blog or a YouTube channel. I am here to give you 5 tips that will help you move the needle and grow your online side hustle after work.”

Grow Your Side Hustle After Work

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5 Tips to Grow Your Online Business After Work (in 1 hour a day!)

1. Build Your Business on Real Content

I recently followed someone on Instagram and I consistently watch her IG stories. She does some home décor stuff, outfit of the day, and so on. Lately, I noticed that I’m not seeing any stories from her. It turns out, she and her kids suffered from flu and she’s too sick to create any new content.

The point is that we should always try to build our business on long-term and searchable content that doesn’t require us to show up every day just to get revenue. The key to that is publishing content on SEO driven platforms, especially if you don’t have much time to spend for your side hustle after work.

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2. Create and Follow a Weekly Routine for Yourself

Failing to follow a process will lead you to scramble at the end of the week. It will force you to pull an all-nighter just to get your content published for the week. It was real for me back when I had a full-time job. That is why I decided to create a checklist for the week of what needs to get done.

If you want to know more about my weekly routine of how I create my content, you can watch it here. By having that routine to follow for the week, you can save time for the next days to come.

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3. Plan As you Can

You can use your lunchtime or any free time of the day—even if it’s just 15 minutes—to plan as much as you can. Of course, it’s still essential to dedicate an hour or two to do some research or the likes. However, you don’t necessarily need to spend lots of time in planning your videos.

Even if an idea just popped up in your head anytime, you can just simply jot it down in your notes, so you’ll be able to get it out in your brain and continue with your errand. Along with this step is the planning of your video editing if you are not yet an expert at it.

4. Work Ahead and Batch Your Content Creation

Personally, this is the hardest part for me. I find it very tough to work ahead and batch, but I’m still working to improve that part of my workflow.

What you can do is to script and create 3-5 videos all at once. In that way, you can be more productive in your side hustle after work.

5. Turn your Video Script into a Blog Post

If you chose YouTube for your side hustle after work, your channel must always go with a blog page so you can hit the search engines from 2 different angles. Once you already have the content, it’s just very easy to follow it up with a blog post.

Moreover, you can also use some tools on your phone or laptop that will help you ease your work. Those can be very handy especially for people who have many errands like full-time jobs and kids to babysit.

If you still haven’t check out my other workflow process, don’t hesitate to visit my channel to learn more about the different YouTube tips that will help you in your side hustle after work.

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5 Tips to Grow Your Online Side Hustle in Just 1 Hour After Work