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The first time I downloaded and opened Adobe Premiere Pro, I opened it up and was instantly overwhelmed. Now, I use Premiere Pro to edit my YouTube videos every week. It's my go-to program for editing now, but it's not the greatest option for beginners.

On this page, you can find all my tutorials and posts on video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. If you're interested in checking Premiere Pro through Adobe's Creative Cloud suite, click here to download it instantly via Amazon! (Full disclosure, I earn a commission when you click my link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.)

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Export GoPro Videos in Premiere Pro

Export GoPro Videos in Premiere Pro

If you've spent some time in Premiere Pro, editing GoPro videos and getting things just the way you want them, then at some point, you might want to export your GoPro videos in Premiere Pro as well.

That way you can share then with the world! And Premiere Pro is pretty flexible, but with that flexibility comes some complication… so let me break down the settings I use in Premiere Pro and how I export my GoPro videos.