Best YouTube Camera 2023

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Can’t decide which is the best YouTube camera to buy? In this post, I will give you some tips and a list of some of the best cameras you might want to buy to create your YouTube videos! I have included many different options for all budgets.

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Best YouTube Camera

You know what they say: “the best camera is the one you have with you.” And that is true! But to create YouTube videos, most people are ready to upgrade from using their phone to a “real” camera at some point. The quality is better and the workflow is just as easy! But with so many options for choosing the best YouTube camera, it’s hard to know which one to invest in.

Before going straight to the list of the best cameras, it is best to first know what you should look for when shopping for a camera. This especially applies if you’re not very tech-savvy, or are just starting out. If you’re already knowledgeable on these things, then you can go ahead and get to the main list.

What to Look for in a YouTube camera

Different YouTube content creators have different cameras that suit the content they create. It may not be a cheap investment, therefore, choosing the best one for you will definitely help rather than using a camera someone recommends just because they recommended it. Here are some helpful points that you can consider on choosing the right YouTube camera for you:

  • What are you creating? Talking head videos? Vlogging? Overhead videos? Short-form videos? You can use any of the cameras listed in this post for those uses, but some may better suited for various situations than others.
    • For example, if you’ll be vlogging (moving your camera lot, possibly holding it it while you record for long periods of time vs using a tripod), consider the weight of the camera you choose.
  • Will you be using your camera for photography as well? Some cameras are better at photos than videos and vice versa. Consider whether the camera you’re shooting is capable of both.
  • It’s also a great idea to think of the accessories that you are planning to use with your camera ahead of time. These include questions such as if would you use a hand grip or a stabilizer. Are you planning to upgrade the lens of the camera? Extra batteries? Doing so will give you a better budget plan. Some accessories may or may not be available fo the camera you choose, so knowing what you’ll need ahead of time is smart.

If you’re shopping for a good YouTube camera, these are the specs that I look for as a baseline:

  • shoots video at 1080, 30 fps at a minimum
  • has a flip-out screen
  • has facial recognition autofocus
  • ability to record with the camera facing you (record button on screen or on front of camera)
  • external mic input
  • micro HDMI port

Canon M50 Mark II

The Canon M50 Mark II practically has the same features as its predecessor, Canon EOS M50, but is an upgraded version that is considered a huge upgrade in terms of its features.

This camera is also a popular option with its ability to stream on YouTube using the camera itself and do a vertical shooting mode. If you’re planning to stream videos live on YouTube, then this can be a helpful camera for you.

There may not be some big changes to this camera compared with the previous version, but that is because it kept all the notable features and specifications that the people loved from the Canon EOS M50. Below are some of its key specifications. Check pricing and availability here.

  • 24 Megapixel Shooting Quality
  • Dual Pixel Autofocus (with eye-tracking)
  • Touchscreen LCD Display
  • Average of 305 Shots Per Battery Charge
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Ready
  • Can be Used as Web Camera via Canon’s EOS Webcam Utility
  • Wireless YouTube Live-Streaming
  • 2 Built-in Microphones with a 3.5mm Mic Input
  • 387g Camera Weight

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Best YouTube Camera Lens

I can’t mention the Canon m-series cameras without mentioning this lens upgrade! One of the possible upgrades for this camera is to upgrade from the kit lens to the Sigma 16mm Lens. This is a great lens that features the following:

  • Designed for crop sensor mirrorless
  • Wide, versatile focal length
  • Ultra-fast F1.4 maximum aperture
  • Outstanding low-light performance
  • Superb sharpness at all apertures
  • Minimizes optical aberrations
  • Quiet and fast-stepping motor
  • Dust and splash-resistant mount
  • Minimized flare and ghosting
  • Compatible with Lens Aberration Correction

I love that this lens makes shooting a talking-head-style video in a small space so easy and looks fantastic!!

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Canon M6 Mark II

The Canon M6 Mark II is a suitable choice for anyone that is a camera enthusiast. It is a popular mirrorless camera that you can find on the market today, although it’s not one of Canon’s newest models. Although the camera is a completely upgraded version of its predecessor, the Canon EOS M6, it does not differ much in appearance.

Some of the notable upgrades of the M6 Mark II are higher shooting resolution, burst shots of up to 30 FPS, a 4K video shooting mode, and many more.

Below are some of its key specifications. Check pricing and availability here.

  • 32.5 MP Dual Pixel CMOS Sensor
  • 30 FPS Raw Burst Mode and 14 FPS Continuous Shooting
  • 4K UHD Video @ 30p and 25p (No Crop/Full-width)
  • Optional Electronic Viewfinder
  • 3″ Touchscreen LCD (Can be flipped up by 180° or down by 45°)
  • USB 2.0 Port and Type-C connector
  • Eye AF System
  • Mic Socket
  • 398g Camera Weight

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Sony ZV-1

Then, there is also the Sony ZV-1. It is a compact camera released by Sony in 2020. Even though it’s only newly released, it is still well known for being greatly designed, and can even be a great beginner-friendly option for YouTube vloggers. It is certainly a great choice of a camera with its compact size and weight, directional microphone, flash hot-shoe, and touchscreen LCD.

Despite the lower shooting resolution (20 Megapixels) compared to the previously mentioned cameras, the Sony ZV-1 supports 4K UHD @ 30p and Full HD @ 120p. Below are some of its key specifications. Check pricing and availability here.

  • 20 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
  • 3″ Touchscreen LCD Display
  • 24-70mm equivalent F1.8-2.8 lens
  • 4K UHD @ 30p, 1080 UHD @ 120p, and high-speed modes up to 960 FPS
  • Directional Microphone with Windscreen
  • Video and Stills AF System
  • Can be used while charging via USB
  • 3.5mm Microphone Jack
  • Around 260 Shots Per Battery Charge
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Ready
  • 294g Camera Weight

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Sony Alpha ZV-E10

The new Sony ZV-E10 is a popular option for affordable YouTube cameras! Some features include:

  • Large 24.2MP APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor and fast BIONZ X processor
  • 4K Movie oversampled from 6k w/ full pixel readout, no pixel binning
  • Product Showcase Setting transitions focus from face to object
  • Background Defocus button instantly toggles between defocus effect on/off
  • Easy live streaming w/ single USB cable and no extra hardware/software

Check pricing and availability here.

Best YouTube Camera Conclusion

Although only a few cameras were mentioned on this list, the Canon M50 Mark II, Canon M6 Mark II, and Sony ZV-1 are the ones that I believe to be some of the best cameras for YouTube! They offer many great features that are surely worth your money. 

If you are looking to purchase a new camera for YouTube videos, one of these three models should be at the top of your list. I hope my tips helped you in finding the best camera for your YouTube content!

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