GoPro Editing (Start Here)

GoPro Editing is a lot like regular video editing, but because GoPro Cameras are so versatile, there are a TON of options for editing awesome GoPro videos. One of the first questions new GoPro owners ask is “How do I edit my GoPro videos?” Often times, we shoot really fun, exciting experiences with our GoPros, and just like regular video editing, editing GoPro clips can be overwhelming at first. But, learning how to edit your GoPro clips is a valuable hobby and you'll be glad you did!

GoPro Editing Tips

With GoPro software available on your Mac, PC, and even tablet and smartphone, GoPro editing is pretty easy. The basic function of editing videos are:

  • Import clips from your memory card
  • Decide what footage you want to keep, cut out the rest
  • Add titles, transitions, and music,
  • Then export and share with friends and family!

Background Music for VideosCurious where to find great background music for your videos?

Background music often determines whether a video is fun to watch or not! But finding music to use with permission sometimes trips video creators up.

GoPro Editing Software

As previously mentioned, there are GoPro editing programs available for Mac, PC, and even mobile devices. Wondering about what GoPro software you should download? Click here for a list of GoPro Software options.

While there are dozens of options for GoPro editing, the first place I recommend people look is with GoPro themselves, and their editing platform, GoPro Studio. GoPro Studio (formerly called Cineform) is a good platform to get started with GoPro editing. The software was created by GoPro, so there are some great features for GoPro users. The best part is, the software is completely free and it's available for Mac and PC users. Click here for an in-depth guide to getting started with GoPro Studio.

10 Essential Steps to Awesome GoPro VideosWant to learn more about creating awesome GoPro videos?

Download this quick reference, which walks you through the elements of an awesome GoPro video, from shooting to editing.

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